Workforce Mobility Research Round-up: Best of 2018 1 year ago

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Workforce Mobility Research Round-up: Best of 2018

Today’s global workforce is constantly changing, and most of all – it’s becoming more and more mobile every day. Here at Urbandoor, we’re always on top of the latest news from the rapidly evolving industry of corporate travel, and we’ve gathered our favorite insights of 2018 to share with you. Read on and hear from top industry leaders about workforce mobility – you might be surprised by what we’ve found!

  1. Arnold Woodhouse, Leading Marketing Specialist in the Extended Stay Sector

    What will the future of design in the extended stay market look like? The direction of travel is definitely towards a domestic/home from home with all amenities and less ‘hotel room with kitchen.’


  3. CHPA Podcast – Navigating the Noise

    What’s the future of corporate housing? Where are corporations heading, and what strategies are necessary to prepare for these changes? In our first Navigating the Noise podcast, CHPA’s futurist Brian David Johnson breaks down two underlying trends affecting corporations: falling transaction costs, and the digital nature of 21st century corporations.


  4. VRM Intel – Converging Verticals

    Investors and accommodations platforms that serve non-hotel lodging options are quickly recognizing that the similarities in the booking path outweigh the differences for leisure, business, and medical travelers looking for lodging alternatives that offer more space than a hotel.


  5. HRS – How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Corporate Travel Management

    Traditionally companies have relied on detailed guidelines and regulations to help them manage their employees’ travel. But Biermann says this “one-size-fits-all” strategy – with policies that are “very dense, very narrow and restrict the traveler to a small scope of what they are allowed to do” are counter to the flexibility and personalization desired by today’s business travelers. The answer, he says, is in the abundance of data that is now available and able to be understood through artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural network technology.


  7. CHPA – The Future of Corporate Housing

    “Since its inception, the traditional corporate housing business model has been people-focused, with little automation. Technology, however, is changing how the industry connects and interacts with customers. The expectation is for instant connectivity and customizable choices.”

    And there you have it, Urbandoor’s favorite research insights about workforce mobility this year. And if you enjoyed the read, share with colleagues and friends!