Tales From a Frequent Business Traveler 10 months ago

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One traveler’s story on why he prefers Urbandoor for extended business trips.

Executive Summary

Stav is a repeat Urbandoor customer who travels extensively for work. He has been impressed by how easy it is to find and book a furnished apartment on Urbandoor. He’s delighted by the responsive, helpful Urbandoor customer service as well as the well-appointed, comfortable apartments available on the platform. Urbandoor has become his preferred choice for finding alternative accommodations. Read this interview with him to hear the whole story.


Name: Stav P.
Home country: United Kingdom
Profession: Large-scale technology implementation specialist
Use case: Business traveler on extended assignment

  • What brought you to Urbandoor?
  • A: My field of work is in large-scale technology implementations all around the world. I was working on a client in Chicago for a 2-year period. My company had rented two furnished apartments for the project, but on one trip they were full. A colleague suggested Urbandoor so I tried it. I probably just would have booked a hotel if I hadn’t been told about Urbandoor. But not having to eat in a restaurant every night and being able to wash your clothes makes for a much more comfortable stay, especially when it’s over several weeks.


  • How would you describe your first experience using Urbandoor?
  • A: I’m actually quite cautious of using companies I don’t know on the internet, but the site looked credible and when I had to contact them I got responses very quickly. That type of thing builds your confidence. I booked an apartment for two weeks or so and it was a pretty straightforward process. I was familiar with where I was staying from my previous visits, so I didn’t bother to read the arrival instructions as I thought I knew where I was going. When I got there, however, the front desk person had no idea who I was. I called Urbandoor — and this is at 10 o’clock at night at the weekend — and I got a person right away. She was able to get me sorted and direct me to the right place. I had been at the wrong tower as I hadn’t really read my arrival instructions carefully. The fact that my problem was solved quickly was actually a really great experience. I felt even more confident that Urbandoor is a business that does right by its customers.


  • How do you describe Urbandoor to your friends or colleagues?
  • A: I would say it’s a marketplace for managed apartments. The apartments are more geared toward professionals like me, who are traveling for work or, I suppose, relocating. I also noticed that Urbandoor is a startup so they are very keen to learn and get to know their customers. I work in technology myself so I understand the importance of building products that meet customer needs and I like to support innovative businesses.


  • What would you like to see improved?
  • A: I would like to be able to store preferences so I don’t have to start a search from the beginning each time. I have a neighborhood I like to stay in because it’s close to the office and I know my way around. It’d be great to just bypass that step, or return to a few saved locations, or properties. Previously, I wanted to be able to edit my search dates after issuing a request, but I know you just launched the ability to edit a request, which is great. I’d also like the map to be improved. It can be a little tricky to navigate and jumps around a bit. But that’s about it really.


  • Any final thoughts?
  • A: Keep up the good work! I never would have thought to book an apartment instead of a hotel for this extended travel, but I’ve really enjoyed the service. The easier the online shopping process becomes, the better. I’ll definitely be using Urbandoor again.

This interview was conducted on April 10, 2019. Stav has booked eight times on Urbandoor, staying almost 100 nights.

We hope you enjoyed Stav’s story – and if you have a story about Urbandoor you’d like to share, please drop us a line at blog@urbandoor.com. We’d love to hear from you!