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DAZ Systems is a software implementation firm with a global workforce. They use furnished apartments to house their Engineering team members during multi-week or multi-month long client engagements, mostly in U.S. cities.

Prior to using Urbandoor, the DAZ travel team had two main challenges: 1) sourcing accommodations with kitchens in major cities within budget and 2) avoiding the risk and hassle that comes from renting private residences via vacation sites.

As a global marketplace with more than 250K professionally-managed furnished apartments in over 1200 markets, Urbandoor was able to drastically improve the sourcing process for DAZ in tight markets, while staying well within their clients’ accommodation budget.

In the words of DAZ Systems Travel Manager Andrew Tomasik:


“We saved over $20K over 75 days in Boston, which is a historically very difficult market for us. And our team member loved it. I see Urbandoor as a new approach to corporate housing for short-term rentals.”


DAZ Systems commonly used furnished apartments for engineers, working on extended projects, who preferred to cook their own meals. The Boston market had been notoriously difficult in finding city-center hotel rooms with kitchens at reasonable rates. While renting from vacation rental sites had been a “nightmare” experience. The DAZ travel team was often left in the middle of two disgruntled parties as individual hosts were not prepared to support the needs of busy professionals staying for multiple weeks or months at a time.

These frictions caused stress and frustration for travelers as well as the travel team. Neither hotels or vacation rentals were a fit.


With Urbandoor, the DAZ travel team now had an easy way to source exactly what they were looking for: affordable, professionally-managed furnished apartments equipped for extended stay work travel. Travel managers can instantly see what’s available, the price range, and type of properties. They have the ability to drill down into specifics themselves through the web-based platform, instead of a game of email and phone tag. This helps travel managers work faster, stay within their clients’ budgets, and provide their team members with a comfortable home away from home. They also have the peace of mind of Urbandoor’s 24-7 stay support. In the words of Tomasik:


“There is more inventory on Urbandoor. I get responses sometimes within an hour. And if you think about renting an apartment, it’s never easy. But with Urbandoor, it is — easy and hassle-free. They also have great customer service. I typically don’t have to get in the middle of anything. The providers and Urbandoor are set up to meet the needs of professionals.”

Urbandoor and DAZ Systems look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Thanks for reading this Urbandoor corporate housing case study!


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