Corporate Travel Research Round-up: Best of 2018 1 year ago

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Corporate Travel Research Round-up: Best of 2018

It was an eventful year for the corporate travel world. Here at Urbandoor, we’re always on top of the latest news from this rapidly changing industry, and we’ve gathered our favorite research insights of 2018 to share with you. Read on to hear from top industry leaders about the exciting ways corporate travel is evolving – you might be surprised by what we’ve found!

    1. Business Travel Magazine – IHG identifies key travel management trends

A snap poll held at the IHG Expo 2018 found over half (52%) of travel managers believe personalisation, such as the ability to select in-room amenities, room type or floor, will have the biggest impact on corporate travellers.


    1. Business Travel Show – 30 Percent of Buyers Increased Serviced Apartment Use in 2018

Almost one third of corporate travel buyers increased their use of serviced apartment suppliers in 2018, a huge leap from the 20% recorded this time last year. 29% of buyers booked more serviced apartments in 2018 compared to 2017. It was the only accommodation category to see an increase in use over the last 12 months.


    1. BBT – More than half of corporates use serviced apartments

There are more than 1,022,984 serviced apartments in 13,164 locations worldwide compared to just under 830,000 two years ago. … Respondents reported savings of between 17 and 29% on their long-stay spend compared to traditional hotels.


    1. TravelPerk – Business Travel Trends in 2018 — A Huge Industry Shift

Business travelers are after a consumer-grade experience: super personalized, ultra lightweight, easy and fast. Companies are not only investing in excellent UX, mobile development, speed, and ease of use


    1. FCM – Business Travel 2020: The Trends & Tech that will Shape the Future of our Industry

Mobile has transformed the way we search, book and pay for travel. 39% of hotel and 22% of air bookings now come from smartphones whilst the upcoming upgrade to 5G is predicted to improve connectivity 1,000-fold and cover 90% of the U.S. within 4 years. It’s tough not to see mobile grabbing an even higher share of travel distribution by 2020.

And there you have it: our favorite insights of 2018, brought to you by the team at Urbandoor. Do you have a favorite article you read this year? Send us a note at And if you enjoyed the read, share with colleagues and friends!



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