Relocating? 5 Moving Tips for Saving Money 10 months ago

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When you relocate to a new city for your job, every little expense adds up. Your company may have given you a lump sum to help with the cost, and you’re probably trying to make the most of it. Here are five moving tips so you can minimize the expenses (and the stress!).


  1. Lighten your load

    Sell EVERYTHING. We mean everything. One of the biggest expesnses during a move is the cost of shipping your belongings. And often, your existing belongings won’t work in a new space. Save the cash and only move irreplacable items. Clothing too. Take a look inside your closet and consider donating what you haven’t worn in the past month. For your more valuable items, you can list them on sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist and Nextdoor.


  3. Keep good records for tax deductions

    You may be able to deduct things like Salvation Army or Goodwill donations, and cash spent on moving (Uhauls, movers, etc.). Check out this handy IRS tool for the latest on what you can and can’t deduct for a move related to your job.


  5. Consider a temporary furnished apartment

    Don’t rush into a new annual lease or make expensive trips to house hunt before you’re in the new city. Instead, consider temporary furnished housing. This way, you can take your time to find the right neighborhood.

    The nightly price for a furnished apartment may seem expensive at first glance, but when you look into it, you’ll likely save more than you think. Let’s take Chicago, for instance. Using an example neighborhood and numbers based on May 2019 research, here’s a look at the cost of one month living in a unfurnished annual lease vs. a temporary furnished apartment booked through Urbandoor.


    Monthly Expense Unfurnished Apartment Lease Temporary Furnished Apartment
    Rent $2,600 $4,600
    Application Deposit and/or Fees $500 N/A
    New Furnishing & Household supplies $7,000 Included
    Cost to Move Existing Furniture $3,000 N/A
    Internet, Cable $150 Included
    Trash, Electric, Gas & Water $150 Included
    Rent Insurance $30 Included
    Grand Total: $13,430 $4,600

    Of course, these numbers are only guidelines. For example, your furniture situation may differ, and security deposits for leases vary greatly. Overall, though monthly rent is lower for an unfurnished apartment, depending on your situation – you can save big with a furnished apartment when you look at the true cost of moving. Additionally, when you consider the cost of trips back and forth for apartment hunting – which could reach thousands – and the downside of getting stuck in the wrong place for a whole year, a temporary furnished apartment coulb be the way to go.

    Above all, perhaps the best part of a furnished apartment is the simplicity and ease. No unpacking boxes full of kitchen supplies, bedding, rugs, house decor, no setting up Wi-Fi or transferring utilities. A furnished apartment is already ready to move into. All you need is your suitcase.


  7. Embrace DIY moving hacks

    When you’re packing, there’s no need to buy a bunch of expensive bubble wrap. For wrapping and padding fragile items, you’ve got everything you need in your cabinets and closet. Wrap trinkets and ceramics with plastic bags, and use T-shirts as padding between them. Organize jewelry using a cardboard paper towel or toilet paper roll. Hook your jewelry around the inside of the roll and place inside a ziplock bag. You’ll thank yourself later!

    To save on boxes, take a quick trip to your local grocery store and ask if they have any extra boxes laying around from deliveries. Chances are, they’ll have several. You can cut handles yourself using a quick hack with scissors:


  9. Cancel subscriptions

    When you move, it’s a good time to audit the subscriptions that might be on auto-pilot. Amazon Subscribe & Saves, HBO, Netflix, Roku, even groceries – you may have more than you realize. Look through your email for notifications, and turn off the subscriptions you won’t need during your move. If you’re a fan of monthly subscriptions, an audit could save you over a hundred dollars a month!

And there you have it! Five handy moving tips to help you save on your next relocation. Thanks for reading!