One-Stop Shop for Furnished Apartments 10 months ago

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One-Stop Shop for Furnished Apartments

Executive Summary

At a global finance company, employees spend extended periods of time in different offices for training meetings, special projects, and more. The company’s travel manager elects to book furnished apartments over hotels for the employees’ extended stays. Prior to utilizing Urbandoor, the travel team had to contact many different brokers, wait for their individual responses, then manually comb through the options to find the housing that best suited their needs. This approach was slow and difficult to manage.

Enter Urbandoor: A global marketplace for furnished apartments built specifically for professionals. The Urbandoor platform makes it possible to quickly search and see a consolidated list of bookable options that match the housing requirements.

The efficiency of receiving quotes after submitting a request is one of our favorite features. We have also been satisfied with the organization of the website – it eliminates any confusion around which quotes we are reviewing and makes it easy to make decisions!
-Lead Travel Manager

Urbandoor Value: Easy Price Comparison with Awesome Support

Value is a top priority when it comes to sourcing furnished apartments for the travel team. To determine if they are achieving the best value, they want to have options to compare. When sourcing manually from brokers, it was very time consuming to sort through responses in order to understand the value. Responses would be delivered via email and they all came in at different days and times.

Because we want the best deal, reaching out to multiple brokers makes it difficult to manage all the responses since they come in at different days and times.
-Lead Travel Manager

With Urbandoor, the travel manager inputs the housing needs and then receives both instantly bookable inventory (if available) and quotes from providers – all in the same place. This makes it easy to compare options and understand the value. Additionally, providers on Urbandoor only offer core inventory; this keeps prices lower by avoiding supply chain layers that can often drive up costs, unbeknownst to buyers.

Should there be any questions or concerns during the booking process, the Urbandoor team is always standing by to help.

Recently, I booked an apartment and realized soon after that I had requested the incorrect dates. I immediately called Urbandoor, and they reached out to the property on my behalf and helped us negotiate to change the dates to work for what we needed. They have done a great job of being there when we need last minute changes!
-Lead Travel Manager

Describing Urbandoor in a nutshell

An efficient way of booking quality corporate apartments, including direct booking, reliable support, and a great platform. By using Urbandoor, we’ve been able to streamline our search for corporate apartments for our employees around the world.

Here at Urbandoor, we couldn’t be more pleased to hear that we’re making it easier to book furnished apartments. Thanks for reading!