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Trends in Temporary Housing: No. 1
Temporary Housing Trends As a global marketplace for furnished apartments specifically built for professionals, Urbandoor has the ability to recognize...
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5 Ways to Improve Your Impact at Work
Here at Urbandoor, we’re always looking for ways to work smarter and have an outsized impact. We did some digging...
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LaSalle Case Study: Driving Occupancy and Price with Full Resident Transparency
Introduction Urbandoor partner, LaSalle, is an investment management company with $59.5B under management that invests exclusively in real estate. Today,...
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Aberdeen Standard Investments Case Study
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Faster Sourcing, While Keeping Quality High & Costs Competitive Standard Life Aberdeen plc is one of the world’s...
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How blind spots in extended travel could blindside you
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: DAZ Systems is a software implementation firm with a global workforce. They use furnished apartments to house their...
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Why more business travelers are choosing furnished apartments over hotels
Here at Urbandoor, we find that there are many reasons why business travelers are more frequently turning to furnished apartments...
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