About Us

About Us


To instantly connect professionals with their right apartment every time, anywhere.

We believe you should feel at home wherever work takes you. With the Urbandoor platform, professionals can easily access furnished apartments tailored to their needs for extended business trips and relocations.

Our Story

Today’s workforce is constantly changing, and the need for suitable accommodations has never been greater. For the modern professional, hotels often don’t provide enough space or freedom, while corporate apartments can be impossible to find (and expensive).
In 2015, we decided to tackle the challenge ourselves – and we founded Urbandoor. We’ve brought together a team of accomplished technologists, entrepreneurs, real estate and hospitality professionals to create a solution that connects professionals to their right apartment every time, anywhere.

Providing Greater Access to Inventory

There are fewer than 75K professionally managed, furnished apartments in the US. Urbandoor is connecting people to millions of long-term, furnished apartments.


Source: Corporate Housing Report 2017, NMHC